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Let’s dig into today’s bite:

  • Cue the Change: Identify your triggers.

  • Open Journal: Creating a new habit I hate.

  • Tidbits & Recipes: Stuffed peppers.

  • Did You Know: Temptation bundling.

Cue the Change: Identify Your Triggers

If you're trying to break a bad habit or start a healthy habit. The first step is always the same:

Identify your cue.

And remember, a cue is what triggers the action (or the habit).

So let's look at a bad habit of mine. I tried for years to kick it and couldn't. No matter how hard I tried, my willpower wasn't enough.

Every day when I would get home, I would stuff my face with snacks. I would eat anything and so much that I wouldn't be hungry for supper.

If you break it down using the habit loop, here's what it looks like:

Get home for the day (cue), eat a ton of unhealthy snacks (routine), and forget about the stress from the busy day (reward).

Now here's how I broke this habit and replaced it with a healthier one:

  • Cue: Get home for the day

  • Routine: Play with the kids for 30 minutes

  • Reward: Drink my sparkling water and spend quality time with the kids.

So whether you're trying to break a habit or create a new one, start with recognizing the cue. After you have the cue, you can start focusing on the routine or action.

Open Journal

Q: “I know I should run so I’m trying to build a running habit. I hate running so it’s not going well. Any suggestions?

A: Yes, STOP! You can get the same results and benefits from something you actually enjoy. I think a lot of times we get caught up in doing things that we think we should do. Maybe it’s because other people are doing it, we hear about the benefits and blah blah blah. You’re going to get the best results from something you can stay consistent with. Plus, life is too dang short, spend it doing things you love. Try walking, swimming, hiking, dancing, playing tag with the kids.


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Did You Know? Like Really Know…

Temptation bundling might be the answer you've been searching for to get the things you hate doing done (cough cough, laundry).

It's the idea of combining something that needs to be done with something you love. It’s why cozy cardio works.

So if you hate putting away the laundry only allow yourself to listen to your favorite podcast when you're putting it away.

And frame it like this " I get to listen to my favorite podcast while I put away the laundry."

Tidbits & Recipes:

If you’re looking for a quick and filling weeknight recipe to add to your rotation, you have to try these stuffed peppers.

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