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Today’s Topics:

  • The Treadmill Trap: Why Calories Burned isn't the answer.

  • Did You Know: Muscle weighs more than fat - or does it?

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The Treadmill Trap: Why Calories Burned Isn't the Answer

You've been walking on the treadmill for 15 minutes and it says you've only burned 40 calories.

"How the f*** is that possible"- you say under your breath.

You start working out harder to try to burn more calories so you can finally start losing weight.

What if I told you tracking the calories burned isn't going to speed up weight loss?

Focusing on calories IN is more effective than focusing on calories burned.


Because you can control the calories coming in but you can't control the calories burned. 

After a hard workout where you burn a lot of calories, your body will down-regulate itself. Basically, it won't burn as many calories in other areas to make up for the amount you burned during your workout.

It's why over-exercising leaves you feeling foggy and drained. Your body is compensating for the large amount of calories you've burned.

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Did You Know? Like Really Know…

You step on the scale after another week of working your butt off and you weigh more.

You feel your face burning up in anger and defeat.

It's so defeating that you head to the couch and sulk with a bag of chips.

I'm here to tell ya...

Muscle weighs more than fat - or does it?

Well, technically, 1lb is 1lb so it doesn’t.

BUT muscle does take up less space than fat (it’s denser) so if you're gaining muscle, you might weigh more.

Instead of focusing on weight alone. Focus on how you feel.

If you're a numbers girl, look at body comp (percentage of muscle, fat, bone, and water in your body). -Look for more on this in upcoming newsletters.

Focus on these 3 things to improve your body composition:

  1. Eat healthy.

  2. Stay active.

  3. Resistance training.

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