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Happy High Noon (EST). It’s been a few days, I’ve missed ya! People are crushing the back-to-routine program and the 12-week Remix. Keep up the consistency. Vote in the poll today and let me know what you want to see more of in the bite.

Let’s dig into today’s bite:

  • Rewarding Your Way to Health: big or small

  • Open Journal: Netflix & binge

  • Tidbits & Recipes: Cinnamon apples

  • Did You Know: the power of consequences.

Rewarding Your Way to Health

Last week we talked about the 5-step approach you can use to create a habit that sticks. If you need to brush up on it, here it is.

But let's get into the good stuff…

The reward. And no, I’m not talking about rewarding yourself with cake because you worked out (eventually that would become a habit too). Let’s make it a healthy one.

First, it’s important you look at your bad habits. What does that reward look like because it’s clearly motivating you? 

Maybe you’re watching a lot of TV and the reward is that you get to forget about all your stressors. How can we create a similar reward? Can you listen to a podcast or audiobook while walking? 

Rewards will keep you motivated when you’re habit isn’t established yet. 

You can use mini rewards every day:

  • Make a star on your calendar after you’ve worked out. If you thought this was only for kids, you’re wrong. It works for us too! 

And bigger rewards once you hit another benchmark:

  • Been consistent for 30 days? Treat yourself to a new workout set or shoes. 

I’m challenging you today, look into your bad habits. What’s your reward? Now how can you reverse engineer that? 

Open Journal

Q: “Almost every night, I struggle with binge eating. I sit on the couch watching All The Light We Cannot See. Before I know it, the whole bag of chips will be gone. Does anyone else struggle with this?”

A: You’re def not alone with binge eating. First, try to get to the root of your binging. How long has this been going on? Did it stem from something on a deeper level? If you’re struggling with this step alone, you might consider talking with a licensed therapist with a specialty in binge eating.

Here’s some quick tips that might help:

  1. Remove triggers: Keep tempting or unhealthy snacks out of sight, and instead, stock your pantry with nutritious options.

  2. Set boundaries: Set specific "snacking rules" for yourself. Only allow yourself to snack at the table with no outside distractions (TV, phone, etc).

  3. Hydrate: Drink water. Sometimes, we mistake thirst for hunger, so staying hydrated can help prevent unnecessary snacking.

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Did You Know? Like Really Know…

Sometimes consequences are more motivating than rewards. Like when your kids won’t do their chores for a positive reward. But if you tell them there’s no TV for the weekend, they pop up pretty quick.

Here’s an example of what a consequence could look like…

Every time I skip (insert new habit), I pay (someone) $50. 

Let them know about this new consequence. They might be cheering for you to skip a day because they get paid. But trust me, their check-ins will act as accountability. 

Tidbits & Recipes:

If you’re looking for a yummy fall snack for you or your kids, try these cinnamon apples. If you’re lazy, just sprinkle some cinnamon on your apples. It’s sooo good!

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