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  • Level Up Your Fat-Burning Game: The Afterburn Effect.

  • Did You Know: BMI and body composition aren't the same.

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Level Up Your Fat-Burning Game: The Afterburn Effect

You just got back from a road trip, and even after parking your car for hours, the engine stays warm.

Well, guess what? Your body pulls off a similar trick after a hard workout and continues to burn calories.

Even while you're sitting on the couch.

It's called the afterburn effect. 

Your body breaks down stored fats and turns them into energy for up to 1 hour after working out.

How do you get the afterburn effect benefits?

You don't have to push through a HIIT workout every day to get the benefits of the afterburn effect. Resistance training has the same results.

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Did You Know? Like Really Know…

BMI and body composition aren't the same.

You're eating healthy and working out but when you go to the doctor your BMI (Body Mass Index) hasn't changed.

BTW you calculate your BMI by taking your weight and dividing it by your height.

You leave the office feeling like you've failed.

Tracking your BMI can be helpful but it doesn't know the difference between muscle and fat.

Body composition testing measures muscle, fat, bone, and water in your body.

It gives you a more accurate picture.

The downfall to body comp testing is that it can be spendy and harder to access.

Here are a few options:

  • Dexa scan

  • Underwater weighing

  • Skinfold test

Pairing a skinfold test and your BMI is cheaper and can help paint a more accurate picture.

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