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Today’s Topics:

  • Navigating Healthy Choices: Tips for Fear-Free Parenting

  • Did You Know: Breathwork can make or break your workout.

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Navigating Healthy Choices: Tips for Fear-Free Parenting

I find myself fear-mongering my son about healthy choices. "Eat another cookie and you're going to get diabetes."

I know I shouldn't. But damn, seeing him eat junk makes me feel so anxious and I lose control.

Ever been there?

Here are some things I've been trying to do instead:

  1. Being a role model: Your kids are watching you, more than they are listening to you. That includes how you talk about yourself.

  2. Keeping it positive: Talking about what your food is doing for you. "Man, this chicken and broccoli is giving me all the energy to go ride scooters with you tonight.”

  3. Talking about balance: Focusing on restricting doesn't work-trust me. Instead, focus on balance and try phrases like this-"I love trying new ice cream flavors with you. I've had the perfect amount and my tummy doesn't feel too full so I'm going to stop while I feel good.”

  4. Staying active together: Play with your kiddos at the park. Trust me, they'll remember it for yours to come.

  5. Trying new things: Make it a game. We love picking out a new veggie/fruit at the grocery store every week. It takes the pressure off trying something new.

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Did You Know? Like Really Know…

Breathwork can make or break your workout.

When you exercise, your muscles need more oxygen to function effectively.

If you're working out, might as well get all the benefits right?

Proper breathing during your workouts helps:

  • Improve strength and endurance

  • Promote relaxation

  • Support recovery

How should you breathe during your workouts?

Inhale when it's easy, exhale when it's hard.

If you're squatting, Inhale on the way down and exhale as you come up.

And purse your lips on your exhale (like you're blowing out candles).

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