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Today’s Topics:

  • Ditch the Straight and Narrow: Level up with multi-plane moves

  • Did You Know: Toe wiggle day is coming.

  • Tell Friends ➡️ Get Prizes: new referral sticker pack is here.

WOW Things:

There is a lot going on in the world of wellness (WOW) and it’s impossible to keep up. We searched the internet for interesting things and our favorites of the day.

Ready, set, go (insert Mario Kart start sound effect):

Ditch the Straight and Narrow: Level Up with Multi-Plane Moves!

Do most of your workouts only focus on one direction (not the band)? Like doing squats over and over again?

Instead of sticking to just one plane of motion, let's mix it up.

We're talking side-to-side, up and down, twisting and turning.

You grab your groceries from the floor and lift. You twist and turn to read a sign and move in different directions. If we don't mimic this during our workouts, we're at risk for muscle imbalances.

Which can lead to injury. We don’t want that. Here are the 3 planes we should be working on:

  1. Sagittal Plane: Splits your body into left and right halves. Think of walking, lunges, or bicep curls.

  2. Frontal Plane: Splits your body from front to back. Think jumping jacks, lateral lunges, and side planks.

  3. Transverse Plane: Splits your body from top to bottom. Think of Russian twists, swinging a bat, or looking over your shoulder.

By using a multi-plane approach we:

  • Improve joint mobility and flexibility

  • Prevent injuries

  • Increase functional strength

  • Enhance coordination

  • Balance muscle development

Using resistance bands can be a great way to add this to your routine. Especially if you're new to it.

The tension from the bands helps you move through a safe range of motion. Preventing you from overextending your joints.

So break free from your single-plane workouts and get the benefits of moving in different directions.

Learn to Scramble Well(ness):

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Did You Know? Like Really Know…

When you have a workout community, you're 70% more likely to stick to your workouts.

That's a big statistic and seems silly to try to do it alone.

Check out these quick tips to find your community:

  1. Find an accountability partner: Text a friend who wants to get consistent and text each other your workouts for the day.

  2. Share your goals: When you tell people your goals, it makes it feel more real.

  3. Post your progress: Celebrate your wins and your body will crave that feeling again.

  4. Don't disappear when it gets hard: Keep yourself in the group even if you haven’t been consistent. This is when you need your community the most. Keep engaging and be honest about your struggles.

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