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Today’s Topics:

  • Coordination or Tightness?: Decode your popping hips. 

  • Did You Know: weak hips = lower back pain.

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Coordination or Tightness? Decode your Popping Hips.

You're 10 seconds into your mountain climbers and you hear it- that pesky popping and clicking in your hips.

Annoying AF right? You think to yourself dang my hips are tight.

But hold up, before you start cursing your tight hips, let me tell you something - it might not be what you think.

It might be a coordination issue.

Your body craves stability and will compensate to feel safe.

Without core stability during mountain climbers, your hip muscles kick on early causing the popping and clicking.

How can you help this?

Bring it back to the basics and focus on core stability.

Remember these cues:

  1. Breathe in - rib cage expands out. Breathe out - rib cage comes down and in.

  2. Draw up and in through your pelvic floor (like your sucking up a blueberry). —too much? 😉

  3. Hip bone to hip bone stays flat.

If your hips are still clicking, it's probably too advanced of a move for you right now. And that's OK. Taking a step back to focus on form is better than pushing through unsafely.

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Did You Know? Like Really Know…

Weak hips can cause lower back pain.

You know that annoying ache that creeps up when you've been sitting all day?

Yeah, that's the cue that your glute (butt) muscles are slacking off.

How do we get rid of this back pain?

Work your backside. And not just your booty, but your whole posterior chain (calves, hamstrings, back, and shoulders).

Targeting your backside will strengthen your muscles and put your nervous system in a calm state.

Try these two bodyweight exercises:

  1. Reverse planks:

    Helps stretch your hips flexors.

  2. Bridges:

    Strengthens your glutes and hip extensors.

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