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Happy High Noon (EST).

Did you catch our email from earlier today about the Flobody Gym “12-week Remix” program on-demand? If not, check it out - I’m so pumped. It’s launching next Monday.

Let’s dig into today’s bite:

  • Create Lasting Change: The habit loop.

  • Open Journal: Irritated with the people I love.

  • Tidbits & Recipes: Taco Tuesday- pasta edition.

  • Did You Know: the ultimate energy saver.

Create Lasting Change

So you understand your why more. I hope you took time yesterday to really think about it instead of just passively reading. If not, there's still time.

Now let's get into some of the science of building a habit.

There are 3 parts to a habit (good or bad):

  1. Cue: this is what triggers your action. It can be a feeling like: bored, tired, hungry. Or even the time of day.

  2. Routine: The actual action. It can be negative or positive. (like binge eating or working out).

  3. Reward: Positive outcome from the action. I can forget the bad day I had (binge eating). I feel energized (working out).

This habit loop can help you reach your goals or keep you from reaching them. It’s up to us to create a system that will build positive habits.

In tomorrow's bite, we'll dive deeper into understanding what triggers you.

Open Journal

Q: What do I do when the people around me aren’t motivated to change? It honestly irritates me. I know it shouldn’t and I feel bad, but I get angry when I see people I love self-sabotaging themselves and then complaining about their situation.

A: It's natural to feel frustrated when the people around you aren't motivated to make positive changes in their lives. But remember, everyone is on their own journey, and people change at their own pace.

Here are a few things you can do to support your loved ones:

  1. Lead by example: Focus on your own behavior and commit to making positive changes in your life. When others see the positive impact that change has on you, they may feel inspired to do the same.

  2. Express empathy: Try to understand where their coming from and be empathetic to their struggles. Let them know that you care and are there to support them.

  3. Encourage, don't persuade: Avoid pushing or pressuring others to change. Instead, offer words of encouragement and positive reinforcement.

  4. Set boundaries: It's important to take care of yourself as well. If your loved ones' behavior is taking a toll on your mental health, consider setting boundaries and limiting your exposure to these conversations.

Remember, change is hard, and people move at their own pace. Instead of focusing on what others are doing, focus on your own journey and how you can be a positive influence in the lives of those around you.

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Did You Know? Like Really Know…

Habits are the ultimate energy savers.

Imagine the mental energy you could save by transforming repetitive tasks into automatic behaviors.

Once a habit is formed, it's ingrained in your daily routine, requiring less mental effort and energy. No more decision fatigue or constant mental calculations.

We could all accomplish a lot more with the extra mental energy throughout the day. By building habits, you can make your life easier

Start small by identifying one behavior that you can turn into a habit. Whether it's organizing your workspace, practicing mindfulness, or exercising regularly.

Stay tuned for the steps towards creating automatic habits.

Tidbits & Recipes:

It’s taco Tuesday- pasta edition… Someone please come make this for me!

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