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  • Bad Bladder Habits: What kinda pee-er are you?.

  • Did You Know: pelvic floor.

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Bad Bladder Habits You Need to Ditch

What if I told ya that your peeing habits could be ruining all your hard work?

You've been waiting in line for the bathroom and are gonna be late. When it's your turn you hover over the toilet (because ew, germs) and push your pee out as fast as ya can.

But little did you know that hovering and power peeing are dirty habits (pun intended).

I'll get to why in a sec.

Here are other habits to stop in the bathroom:

-Practicing your Kegels to stop the flow.

-Just-in-case peeing.

These bad habits can cause:

  • Pelvic floor weakening.

  • Muscle discoordination.

  • Pelvic floor Tension.

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Did You Know? Like Really Know…

Peeing while you sneeze is NOT normal.

Have you seen the Poise commercial where a woman is at a wedding with her friends when she feels a sneeze coming on? She crosses her legs but it's not enough to prevent a leak.

Thankfully, she's wearing Poise right? Maybe...

But, you don't have to live with incontinence. There's a way to fix it but first, you need to know why your leaking.

2 Reasons you're leaking:

  1. Weak pelvic floor

  2. Tight pelvic floor

Before you start doing kegels, check in with a Physical Therapist trained in pelvic floor rehab for an assessment. If you have a tight pelvic floor, it'll make it worse.

Get back to running, jumping, laughing, and sneezing without the worry of leaking.

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